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Birthdate:Mar 17
Location:California, United States of America
Disclaimer: In accordance with AR 600-20, para 5-3(1)(a), political opinions expressed on this blog are those of myself in my private capacity and not as a representative of the DoD, DA, or any particular element of the Army or the United States government or any agency, entity or other organization thereof.

I am a cypherpunk; I create software and hardware tools which use cryptography and science to allow individuals and groups to preserve their rights in hostile environments.

I've lived all over the US, Caribbean, Europe, and Middle East; I spent the last 3 years doing communications work in Iraq and elsewhere.

Iraq is an interesting place to learn about the logistic and military aspects of political change.

OPerational SECurity concerns limit what posts I make (both public and friends-only). In Iraq, OPSEC is both a good policy and self-interest; doing anything which might expose yourself or those around you to attack is just stupid.

There is definitely some irony in that I wasn't in favor of the "war in iraq" as such; I thought the sanctions were horrible and needed to end, and that Saddam was horrible, but I thought a decapitation strike against the Baathists followed by rapid commercial/civilian reconstruction was the way to go. I came over here to assist in the civilian reconstruction; now I am helping with both military and civilian efforts, and in the process, realized the military route, while difficult, was probably the right thing to do after all.

Among things I've done are: founding HavenCo, an offshore datahaven located in the Principality of Sealand in the North Sea; working on open source security and cryptographic software, and electronic cash. I have several projects going on right now: I care most about deploying anonymous electronic cash, and eventually developing an inexpensive launcher for low earth orbit satellites.

My PGP fingerprint is:
OpenPGP 4096: B8B8 3D95 F940 9760 C64B DE90 07AD BE07 D2E0 301F

I have a public blog, focused on computer security and markets, at

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